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What you must know before hiring a maid in Dubai

Hiring a maid in Dubai and the UAE at large requires a lot of paper and legwork now. It is solely the decision of the employer when it comes to how much s/he is willing to pay the house-help, but when we talk about this, it implies salary on the higher side. 

You may be doing a lot of research about what to pay your housemaid and how to hire her, but here is a checklist of what all you need to do and rules/obligations that one can’t skip or overlook. 

Consulates of the countries providing housemaids in the UAE have their different set of rules and requirements for individuals when it comes to hiring a maid, making it a bit confusing for the first timers. 

If you need a salary and hiring guideline, the best thing is look at the minimum wage set and requirements by each country’s consulate/embassy in the UAE. 

All embassies state that besides the minimum salary, the help is entitled to free food, accommodation and return airfare every year to visit their home country.
Requirements for hiring a Filipina Housemaid 

Let’s being with the Philippines Embassy. Besides the numerous forms that you will be asked to fill in duplicate, the embassy requires something called Employer’s Information Sheet, which will basically give them details of the sponsor. The employer needs to provide an undertaking for the employment of a household service worker. 

Minimum salary stared by the embassy for a Filipina maid is Dh1,400. 

Requirements for hiring an Indian Housemaid 

The requirements vary with the Indian embassy in the UAE. The intending employer (other than a UAE national) has to be accompanied by an Indian national, who can personally guarantee the character and the social standing of the intending employer. This also includes Indian nationals. An Indian hiring an Indian maid will also require a no-relation certificate from the embassy. 

The Indian embassy requires a standard employment contract but this should be attested by the Notary Public, Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The minimum age of the house help should not be less than 30 years of age, so be wary of trying to hire anybody younger. 

The minimum wage set by the Indian embassy is Dh1,100 per month, and a prepaid mobile phone with SIM card should be given to her on her arrival in the UAE. 

There is also a mandatory refundable security deposit of Dh9,200 per maid. This is normally refunded after the final departure of the maid from UAE but money can be deducted from it if the maid complains of any dues to her that have not been cleared. 

Requirements for hiring a Sri Lankan Housemaid 

To hire a Sri Lankan maid, you need to meet some new requirements, which have been introduced sometime back. The maid now needs to undertake a mandatory training in her home country and also needs to clear a set of medical tests. 

The Sri Lankan embassy also requires a refundable deposit of Dh3,675. This is a new addition. You also need an introducer and one of the forms should be filled in Sinhala or Tamil by the introducer. 

The minimum salary of a Sri Lankan maid is set at Dh825 per month. 

Requirements for hiring a Nepali Housemaid 

To hire a Nepali housemaid, an employer has to submit a police clearance certificate to the Nepali embassy. 

A Dh5,000 refundable security deposit must also be paid at the embassy and the minimum age bar to hire a Nepali housemaid is set at 30 years. 

A minimum monthly salary Dh900 has been set by the Nepali embassy, in addition to food and accommodation. 

Requirements for hiring a Bangladeshi Housemaid 

For housemaids coming from Bangladesh, the embassy has set the minimum salary at Dh750 per month. The employer needs to fill an employment contract with the embassy, which states things like salary, vacation, air tickets, proper treatment of the help etc. 

Requirements for hiring an Indonesian/Ethiopian Housemaids 

Maids coming from Indonesia require a minimum salary of Dh800 per month. However, there is not much information available on the embassy’s website on the other requirements.

The embassy of Ethiopia doesn’t have any information on hiring maids in the UAE. 

What is stated above is something that employers choosing to hire a maid from a respective country need to comply with. 

However, “minimum wage” and “market rate” are very different and in many cases, if employers are happy with their house help, they wouldn’t mind paying them anything between Dh1,500 to Dh2,000, which is now a going rate especially in New Dubai areas

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Ramadan 2013: Iftar listings

A selection of restaurants serving iftar and suhour in the UAE this year

  • Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi


The Address, Dubai Marina
Constellation Ballroom: Iftar buffet offering seasonal favourites, from sunset to 9pm, for Dh155 per person. Call 04-4367777. 
Al Murooj Rotana, Dubai
Al Yasat Grand Ballroom: Buffet until July 25, moving to Pergolas restaurant until the end of Ramadan, featuring an array of Arabic dishes, live cooking stations, lamb ouzi. Dh169++ per person. Eid Al Fitr buffet will also be offered on the second day of Eid at the Pergolas restaurant for Dh249++ per person and Dh129++ for children between 6-12 years old. Call 04-3211111. 
Atlantis, The Palm
Asateer: Iftar buffet featuring Arabic fare such as kebbeh bil laban, katayef, assafiri, and live cooking stations. Buffet Dh185 from sunset-8.30pm. A la carte sohour from 9.30pm to 2.30am; with a minimum spend of Dh120. Call 04-4261000
The Bonnington, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Cavendish: Iftar buffet with hot and cold mezzeh, salads, meat and vegetable grills and a variety of desserts. Dh159 per person. Call 04-3560533. 
Courtyard by Marriott, Dubai Green Community
Pine Grill: Iftar buffet offering Arabic dishes, salads and sweets for Dh135. Kids aged 6-12 eat for Dh55. Call 04-8852222. 
Crowne Plaza, Dubai Festival City
Zaytoun: Iftar buffet including Ramadan beverages, for Dh140 from sunset-9pm. Sohour a la carte menu also available from 9pm -2am, in the Leisure Tent. Call 04-7011127/28. 
Desert Palm
Rare: Iftar set menu featuring live cooking stations, grilled lobster, lamb soup and mezzeh. Dh145 per adult, with 50 per cent off for children between 4-14 years. Call 04-3238888. 
Dubai World Trade Centre
Ramadan Majlis: Arabian iftar, with hot and cold mezzeh, Dh135, including soft beverages. Open from sunset-3am on weekdays, and until 4am on weekends. Call 04-3086322. 
Fairmont, The Palm
Flow Kitchen. Iftar buffet featuring hot and cold mezzeh, Emirati-style ouzi, shawarma and manakeesh stations and a wide range of hot and cold beverages. Dh175 per person, with 50 per cent discount for children. Sohour is also offered daily from 9.30pm to 2am, with prices starting from Dh35. Call 04-4573457. 
Grand Millennium
The Atrium: Iftar with soups and cold Arabic appetizers, traditional main courses and live cooking stations, sweets and an Arabic drinks corner. Dh175 net per person, children under 8 years eat for free (two children per family), children between the age of 8 and 12 years dine for Dh85 net per person. Call 04-4299999. 
Grosvenor House
Sloane’s: Iftar set menu featuring lentil soup and other traditional Arabic dishes. Dh250 per person. Call 04-3176000. 
Hues Boutique Hotel
Aurora Lounge & Terrace: Iftar buffet, with Arabic and continental dishes inclusive of house beverages, Dh 119, sunset-9pm. Suhour desserts, drinks for Dh69 from 9pm to 12am. Call 04-6034849. 
InterContinental, Dubai Festival City
Anise: Arabic and international iftar buffet, Dh185 per person including beverages, from sunset to 9pm. Call 04-7011127/28. 
Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai
Majlis Al Safinah: Iftar buffet featuring hot and cold mezze, salads, meat and seafood grills and Middle Eastern desserts. Dh190 inclusive of beverages. Children between 4 and 12 years old will receive discount of 50 per cent. Sohour a la carte menu also available. Call 04-4068999. 
Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Al Nafoorah Marquee: Iftar and suhour in an air-conditioned marquee on the terrace, Dh170 including house waters and Ramadan juices. Sparkling water, soft beverages, speciality teas and coffees will be charged separately. 50 per cent discount for children between 6-12 years and children below 6 dine free; sunset-9pm.. Call 04-3198088. 
Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai
Imperium: Iftar buffet offering a selection of Arabic favourites and international dishes. Dh195 per person inclusive of beverages. Call 04-4530444. 
JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai
Kitchen 6: Iftar buffet featuring live cooking stations for Dh165 per person. Open from sunset until 10pm every night.
Arabic Restaurant: Iftar meal with personalized table service for Dh190 per person, from sunset till 8.30pm. Call 04-4143400 
JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai
The Market Place: Iftar buffet with live cooking stations, Arabic dishes and sweets, and Ramadan beverages for Dh165; kids aged 6-12 eat for Dh60. Call 04-6077977 
Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates
KGrill Iftar Buffet: International Iftar buffet with a focus on Arabic specialties and a dessert selection at Dh165 per person, including Ramadan soft beverages. Served every evening during Ramadan until 11pm. Eid Al Fitr buffet also available on the second and third days of Eid, with live cooking stations, for Dh295, inclusive of soft beverages and a premium package at Dh395 per person. Call 04-4095999. 
Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa
Brasserie: Iftar buffet with Arabic-inspired dishes from sunset-9.30pm. Dh235 per person. Call 04-3165550. 
Madinat Jumeirah
Al Majlis: Iftar buffet including beverages, Dh195. A la carte menu is also available throughout Ramadan from 9pm to 3am. More buffets also available at Al Muna, Arboretum and Khaymat Al Bahar for Dh190 per person, inclusive of beverages. Kids below the age of 4 eat for free, and ages 4-12 dine at 50 per cent discount throughout the month. Call 04-3666159/730. 
Marriott Executive Apartments, Dubai Creek
Skywalk Cafe: Arabic buffet including fresh salads and soups, hot and cold mezzeh and live cooking stations for Dh85. Kids aged 5-12 eat at Dh45.
Special offer: Five people dine and pay for four. Call 04-2131000. 
Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Beach
Melrose Ballroom: Traditional buffet including soft beverages, light mezze, juices and live cooking stations. Dh129 per person; kids under 12 eat for free. Call 04-4498888. 
One and Only Royal Mirage, Dubai
Tagine: Traditional Iftar buffets served daily from 7.15pm-8.30pm, offering a variety of Arabic dishes for Dh180 per person. Call 04-3999999. 
One and Only, The Palm, Dubai
Zest: Iftar buffet served daily from sunset, offering a variety of traditional Arabic and continental dishes, for Dh220 per person including hot and cold beverages. Call 04-4401010. 
The Palace, Downtown Dubai
Ewaan: Iftar, sunset-9pm, from Dh195 per person. Suhour a la carte menu with Arabic dishes, minimum spend Dh150 per person, 10pm-2am and until 3am on weekends. Call 04-4287806. 
Park Hyatt
CafĂ© Arabesque: Views overlooking Dubai Creek and an iftar buffet of Middle Eastern dishes with more than 40 cold and hot mezze, soups, ouzi, rice, rotisserie dishes, carvings, kebabs and more than 10 different main courses baked in a wood-fired oven. From sundown-9.30 pm, Dh180 per person, including soft drinks. Call 04-3172222. 
Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Dubai
Kris: Iftar buffet featuring live cooking stations, hot and cold mezzeh, salads, soups and Ramadan beverages. Dh130 per person. Kids below 6 years dine for free, while children between 6 and 12 years old eat at 50 per cent off. Offer available from sunset-11pm. Call 04-3771111. 
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City
Chef’s house: Iftar buffet of Arabic and Oriental dishes, featuring live cooking stations and daily flavoured ouzi. Dh109++ per person or Dh129++ per person including beverages. Call 04-3669111. 
Ritz-Carlton, DIFC: Air conditioned Ramadan garden and terrace serving iftar and sohour, with Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine andlive fatteh station. Sohour from 9pm with traditional live entertainment. Iftar, sunset-9pm, Dh225 for adults,Dh110 for children, including soft beverages. Call 04-3722323. 
Rixos, The Palm, Dubai
Qasr Al Sultan: Iftar buffet offering Turkish pide, roasted lamb ouzi, and a range of Arabic sweets. Dh175 for adults inclusive of beverages, and Dh75 for children between 3 and 12 years old. Sohour also available for Dh85 minimum spend. Call 04-4575454. 
Sheraton Dubai, Mall of the Emirates

Sanabel: Iftar buffet offering Arabic cuisine including hot and cold mezzeh, main courses and a selection of Ramadan beverages. Dh120 per person. Call 04-3772000. Suhour on the Vantage Terrace Ramadan tent, open from sunset. 
Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort
A/C Ramadan tent overlooking the Arabian Gulf for iftar and sohour, with Arabic and international dishes and live cooking stations. Dh185 per person. Call 04-3995533. 
Sofitel Dubai, Jumeirah Beach
A.O.C. French Brasserie: Themed iftar buffet featuring hot and cold mezzeh, meats and seafood. Buffet Dh180 per person including Ramadan beverages. Call 04-4484733. 
Taj Palace Hotel, Dubai
Iftar tent: Iftar buffet featuring Arabic dishes with an international touch. Buffet Dh129 per person inclusive of beverages, while children between 6 and 12 years old get a discount of 50 per cent. Call 04-2113070. 
Towers Rotana Hotel, Dubai
Flavours on Two: International iftar buffet including Arabic sweets and Ramadan beverages, for Dh145++, from iftar-8.30pm. Buffet also available on theme nights, Tuesday through Friday, starting from Dh190++. Call 04-3122201. 
The Westin Mina Seyahi, Dubai
Blue Orange: Iftar buffet with live entertainment, from sunset-9pm. Dh180 per person, and kids below 12 years eat at Dh100. Cal 04-5117136. 


St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, AD
Olea: Iftar buffet available, featuring a wide selection of Mediterranean and Arabic delicacies, including fresh mezzeh, grilled seafood and meat delicacies. Buffet priced at Dh185++ per person. Eid buffet will also be available during Eid-Al-Fitr, for Dh260++ per person. Call 02-4988008. 
The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal
Iftar buffet offering favourites like cold mezzeh, soups and salads, while live cooking stations offer camel and lamb meat ouzi, shawarma, and hot mezzeh. Buffet for Dh195++ including beverages. Kids under 4 years dine for free, 4-10 years eat at Dh 50++ and 10-16 years at Dh 145++. A la carte menu for Sohour is also available from 9:00pm to 2:00am. Call 02-8188282. 
Al Raha Beach Hotel
Sevilla: Traditional Iftar buffet with a selection of oriental delicacies, including live cooking stations, Ramadan beverages and freshly baked breads, for Dh 175++. Children between6-12 yeas eat at half price. Call 02-5080427. 
Mafraq Hotel Abu Dhabi
Traditional Iftar buffet featuring Arabic mezzeh, soups and a wide range of oriental and international desserts, for Dh 119++, including Ramadan beverages. Children between 6 and 12 years old will receive a 50 per cent discount, and children below the age of 6 will dine for free. Call 02-6596666. 
Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi
A traditional Iftar buffet featuring signature dishes from the Mezlai restaurant will be in a specially constructed Ramadan Pavilion. Buffet is priced at Dh 249++, and a Sohour a la carte menu will also be available. Call 02-6907999. 
Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi
Atayeb: A la carte menu available for Iftar, serving traditional signature dishes, with live music accompaniment and shisha service. Various blends of tea and coffee also served. Priced from Dh 150 per person. Call 02-6560733. 
Le Meridien, Abu Dhabi
La Brasserie/Layali Al Sahar: Authentic Iftar buffet available, including Ramadan beverages. Buffet is priced at Dh 99++. Call 02-6446666. 
Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara
Ingredients: Set menu featuring both international and Emirati cuisines, including freshly baked bread, salads, hot and cold mezzeh, Moroccan macaroons, and much more. Prices start from Dh 175++ per person, and kids below 12 years eat at Dh 100++. A la carte menu is also available for
Sohour, from 9pm to 2am. Call 02-6561000. 
Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel
Abu Mousa: Traditional Iftar buffet featuring Arabic dishes, snacks and sweets with a wide selection of Ramadan beverages. Buffet priced at Dh 170++ per person inclusive of beverages. Children between 7-12 years old eat at Dh 85++. Sohour buffet is also available for Dh 90 per person including Ramadan beverages. Call 02-4415900. 
Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort
Flavours: Daily Iftar buffet offering a variety of Arabic delicacies, for Dh 180++ per person. Children between 6 and 12 years old eat at 50% discount, and children who are 5 or below eat for free. Call 02-6773333. 


Al Ain Rotana
Al Zaeem Village: Enjoy a traditional Arabic Iftar buffet with free Wi-Fi, priced at only Dh 139++ per person. A Sohour menu is also available, inclusive of a dessert buffet, Ramadan beverages, and free Wi-Fi access, for only Dh 49++. Call 03-7545111.
Danat Al Ain Resort
Arabesque: A delicious Iftar buffet is available featuring all the traditional favourites, priced at Dh 99++ per person. A Sohour a la carte menu is also available from Al Nawafeer Terrace, from 11pm until late at night. Call 03-7046142/43. 


Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa
Mozaique: An Iftar buffet featuring a wide range of delicacies is available for only Dh 85++ per person including beverages. Call 09-2449888. 
Concorde by Mourouj Fujairah
Belle View: Iftar buffet features a lavish spread including Arabic dishes and sweets. Buffet is open from sunset till 10pm and is priced at Dh 95++. Belle View also offers a set menu for Sohour from 11pm until 3am, for Dh 85++ per person. Children between 6 and 12 years old will enjoy a 50 per cent discount, while children below six years of age eat for free. Call 09-2249000. 


Acacia Hotel, RAK
Al Nakhla: Iftar buffet offered for Dh 85++ per person, including hot and cold mezzeh, mixed grills, chicken tagines and Arabic sweets. 
Mangrove Hotel, RAK
Rainbow: Iftar buffet features traditional culinary delights from across the Middle East. Dessert and beverages are complimentary. Buffet priced at Dh 99. Call 07-2337733 


Kempinski, Ajman
Ramadan Tent: Iftar buffet featuring traditional Arabic food and Ramadan beverages for Dh 130++. An a la carte service and a Sohour set menu for Dh 140++ are available after 8pm. Call 06-7145555.

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