Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Customer feedback


I am more than happy to provide some feedback on the Services provided by HelpXPat. Actually I’ve been VERY impressed from start to finish…

I had several calls with Simi to kick things off and a fantastic orientation tour of Dubai with Diane, which my wife participated in also. Diane is a consummate professional and expert on Dubai having lived here for many years and took us around all of different areas and residential/developments, advising where is good and where is not, pro’s and con’s of different locations and properties. She understood exactly what we were looking for in terms of housing and location ie. wanting to be in a villa near the Jebel Ali/Marina side of town. We spent the full day driving around Dubai with Diane and we gleamed all sorts of useful stuff from her – saw parts of Dubai we had never seen before and by the end of the day, had viewed about a half a dozen different villas and homed in on a particular area (Jumeirah Park), so very useful.

When I arrived in Dubai, I was very well looked after. I met with Diane again on the first day, to do the “Home Search”. They had provided a full list of properties to view on Jumeirah Park (our preferred location) with different Agencies, all within budget and with a few different options (Landscaped, pool yes/no etc.). I think we had about ten villas to view but view an additional half a dozen or so, as Diane knew some of the Agencies/contacts personally. By the end of the day, we had selected a property which we were very pleased with.

Simi took over after we had selected the villa on Jumeirah Park and got everything sorted very quickly. Simi is a one-off – very professional, super-responsive and took all the stress out of moving, from my perspective. She organized everything related to the Villa and everything was finalized very quickly. She personally drove me around the various different Agencies to organize Driving License, Alcohol License, eGate, etc. Simi organized my DEWA connection, helped with teething problems at the Villa (no water, no electric, no Hot Water) and organized the Cleaning of the Villa using her contacts. I can’t think of a better person to deal with than Simi, when relocating internationally – honestly.

Overall, very impressed with services provided by HelpXPat – thank you to Simi and Diane for their help with the orientation, Home Search and local formalities during the first few weeks. Only thing left is moving my stuff from UK to Manchester, which Simi will be taking care of once I have a date (probably January) and then my Wife will move in due course.

Thanks for your support – much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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